BIG delay- I'm living Cracow, and sudennly idle speed disappear-apparently-on the parking place in petrol station - everything because one "crap" screw which want to be daredevil, and fall out from carburettor.

What to do?I must to return to shop and buy new-one screw, because I don't drive without it! - but sudennly I have idea - often when something fall out from something and landing somewhere on piece of suspension, or on engine shield.- Looking-and then there is lie my screw! Happinest in my heart - stupid person have lucky all time!!!

In the middle time, during trip,police control in Slovakia i- where,how much, passport, didenntyfication, car i.d., insurance... and then-please- first medical kit, spare wheel, fire-extinguisher, warning triangle, etc.

SHOCK- spare wheel I have, warning triangle too, fire-extinguisher made in 78 or something like that(still from the old 2103 lada) medical kit too, but little de-compile,this what happend must be...Policeman looks to the luggage in the boot,makes big eyes, bang hand on the spare wheel, and let us go!

In the meeting place we arrive very late... evening-beer, juice, apple juice, pear juice-no comment - night.(little problem to see LCD display on my mobile phon, if I set correctly the alarm clock on the morning-and here unforgettable Hungarian helping!)

Morning I'm wake up brisk and ready to work.

Everyone (or not) go to the Cross place - I'm in the end of car parade - sudennly first traffic light's on the cross road, second - and BAH-I'm loose!, and have no fuel!

And here, unforgotable Hungarian helping again - I'm driving, and stay near lorry (truck) to ask about road, and from the back, Fiat Bravo arrives, and person asked me-If You can not go to the Cross-Keviring ? And I heard thet I go to the wrong way, later I drive behind him -precisly his wife (?) because she was the driver.(I'n this place, I must to sign that on my Polish picture of women driving, this Hungarian drive very good, especially that have near no speedometer )

At last on the place, I'm be tempted too to do driving on this !

Someone tell me that I make small dust cloud !???

Someone else make biggest than me!

Here is Zoli and his dust clouds ;-)

Maby his ,dust clouds are biggest than mine, but I have long distance to home ;-)



And here is not the wrong film, or something like mirror picture- THIS IS "RIGHT HAND" LADA!!! OWNERSHIP JOHN ( on the picture my brother- and my finger on the lens of fotocamera)

And the dust clouds which he makes.
Some people have no good experience from the dust clouds;-)

(Remik's Samara)

On the meeting was be POLSKI FIAT (125)too - glory of Polish production!

Another proof superiority Ladas over Fiat Polski (125) - 100% Fiat Polski on the meeting demage ;-)

Below -Hungarian Monster- tow fall Fiat.

Fortunatelly fiat was only too hot, and there is no loosing.

This one make the DUST - I think the most powerfully Lada on the meeting- but inconspicuous!

Later, after everything, go back to the camping place, and again have good "party". I'm personally torment ;-) 5 persons about my carburettors, and later, for about half night I'm talking with Hungarian mechanic!

Borsodi-spell.[egyjs syjgedre] writing form ege'sz sze'gedre, like our Żywiec- Na zdrovje!

The next day, we drive to the slalom place, and this time I'm tempted to do driving too!

But there are someone better than me:

John - and his lada on Slick(or something like this writing) and under the roof? One 45 DCOE, gearboxi and axle(?correctly?) from the sierra or escort.


But pump up the volume make the -Hungarian Monster-

Once he knock against the trash , and later on the end, making spinninng turning like this, that I don't see before,But I think that end of this play, he damage his engine, because something like clatter or knocking start in his engine.


And this Ahiguli have the best time I think!

Later, during the home road, we stay in Eger, to taste wine from the big Pipe ;-)


For everything mistakes I'm apologize, but I have no power to set it correctly, It's late now,and I be on leave from leave ;-)(holidays from holidays) to make this.

This is only one film from 3 which I have.

Every asked/question/and comment